Home Design Services - Permit Submittal Plan Sets

Home Design Services - Permit Submittal Plan Sets

Home Design Services - Permit Submittal Plan SetsHome Design Services - Permit Submittal Plan Sets

Custom home design Services

Jeff Woodwick, Home Designer

Custom 3D Parametric Home Design has advantages.

  • Home Design Plan Sets for your Construction Project Building Permit Submittal
  • Full 3D home design that you can explore from your internet connected devices during the design phase with a free 3D explorer.
  • Exterior renderings and 360 degree interior rendering are included.
  • Extensive libraries of materials, furniture, colors, cabinets, appliances, etc to assist in developing a complete material specification for your project.
  • A Bill of Materials is available for most new construction projects.

Home Advisor Screened & Approved
360 degree interior rendering of The Bunkhouse, backdrop 360 of actual site clocked to building orientation.

Your Project in 3D

Every project is unique, but all projects benefit from being designed in 3D. With a 3D design you can leap past 2d line drawings with interior and exterior renderings.

Apex 3D Home Design offers flexible services that allow clients to explore as much or as little of their design as they wish.   

I studied Architecture at the University of Oregon for 4 years, designed custom homes for 12 years and worked in construction for 4 years in foundations, framing & finish work.

Your home's design reviewed in a 3D explorer on internet connected phone, tablet or computer suring the design phase.  https://www.chiefarchitect.com/products/3d-viewer/

Review your Project in 3D

Apex clients have free access to easy 3D visualization application enabling you to tour the current project design in 3D from anywhere on any internet connected device or computer 24/7.

Construction projects carry with them a lot of very expensive decisions.  See the decision early while it is in the design phase where changes cost nothing.

Construction Documentation Plan Sets in D-size format 36" x 24" printed locally or at your local Staples for easy shipping.  Full size electronic PDFs files for copies are included.

Professional Construction Documentation

Your construction documentation is essential to getting everyone on the same page. Your vision for the project is found in those details.

Twelve years of professional home design experience has taught me that the information needs to be clear, understandable and comprehensive, a full description of the construction.

As a client of Apex 3D, you'll get an experienced design professional carefully documenting your design intent to all of the trades people who follow.  Say it clearly in the plans and it happens.

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Have a project that you'd like to preview in 3D?  Please share a little about your project with us along with your preferred return contact information.  I will reply as soon as possible.

Apex 3D Home Design offers:
+ Professional Home Plan Sets
+ Precise 3D Construction Modeling
+ Complete Construction Design and Detailing
+ Flexible Preliminary 3D Modeling Services

Thank you for your interest in Apex 3D Home Design.

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